Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Today's word that matters is Rubbish. 
You are talking to a, say... an english citizen. You two are chatting about Christmas presents hunting.
English citizen:
- I sooo love giving Christmas gifts. Shopping is sooo much fun, I simply love it. Actually, don't tell anyone but I'am pretty much sorted since november

- Lucky you. What a nightmare, London, is so overcrowded at this time of the year, I would rather postpone Christmas and have it in Janua...

English citizen:
- Rubbish !

Alright. Don't get on your high horse too fast as you think "how rude is this person to interrupt me to tell me he forgot to take the rubbish out". It's not the case at all. Trust me, having a little colony of bugs in his kitchen is the last of his worries.


 - You can't have Christmas in January ! What about the Christmas spirit, mate !


Your friend is just one of those who love Christmas and doesn't mind living on mince pies and christmas carols for two months. Not the kind of person who would decorate an exotic plant because of the lack of space. Having Christmas in january for him is a nonsense. Your idea is not worth a dead banana skin. It's rubbish.

In this context, the French translation of this word isn't "poubelle" but "balivernes"or "fariboles" or maybe even "n'importe quoi" ! Yes. N'importe quoi.
Thank you "Words that matter".


  1. il faut vraiment rentrer en france maintenant, ça va bien de se faire traiter de poubelle :)

  2. Comment apprendre l'anglais en s'amusant......enfin tout est relatif !!!!