Thursday, 6 January 2011

Seasons Greeted

What is wrong with hanging Christmas cards on a string in your living room with mini pegs? It looks like it's the only thing to do considering that the shelves are already covered in "congratulation for your new car" cards and, of course, good old birthday cards.
It certainly is the only thing to do.
Hang on (the cards' string), I've got the solution to the "so british" cards display problem. Well, yes, because it's a problem really.

In England, maybe even in the UK who knows, you get a card for every little and big occasion. New job? Card. Proposed your boyfriend kneeling on a ice rink? Engagement Card. Pregnant? Card. Baby is born? Card. Failed your exam? Hmmm, go on then, Card. It's your birthday? Yes of course, card !

Christmas is the peak season, obviously. The more you send, the more you get. And soon your house is so full that you don't even need Christmas decorations. Overwhelmed, people don't know where to hang their third Christmas cards string. "Shall we try the bathroom?" What about sticking them on the wall, it will make a lovely wallpaper, won't it? Or. Cross the Channel.

In France you will get no card for Christmas. In the so-called sophisticated country you might receive a new year card and some chocolates during the month of January. You have a month to wish the one you love a Happy New Year. Passed the 31st of January, forget about the wishes. It's loo late, you failed.

"Oh what a lovely tradition" I hear you say ! Well, actually this is the theory. In the real world of froggies, you get the all lot only if the company you work for is the target of some eager salesmen or if you have been nice to your clients. Pure. Genuine. Interest

"What about your friends, family? Don't you send each other cards?" I am glad you asked. The answer is mostly no. Because they already sent you a text message at 00:03 on new years eve or because you already wished them an happy new year "Bonne année, bonne santé" wrapped with two big kisses on the cheeks. You can send an email, if you want, but it's already slightly old fashioned. If you get a card from a french friend for New Year it's because you have no mobile phone, no computer or you have a spiky chin.

Ready to move on the other side? Enough! I'm off to buy some more strings and mini pegs.


  1. I wanted to post you a card but now I'm not so sure...

  2. Too easy, Cml. You better send the card !!

  3. Where is mine ??????????