Thursday, 1 July 2010

The invisible (who?)man

If you could have a super power, which one would you choose? Flying, is an interesting one. So is invulnerability or time freezing. You could also choose to be able to turn stuff into ice whenever you want. Surely, you'll become popular at your friends' picnics as they won't have to bother with an esky with you around.

What about on-demand invisibility? That's a good one, isn't it? You can basically sneak everywhere you want, from a cinema room to the Oval office. It's a all new world of opportunities: you becoming the new 007 serving her Majesty and saving the world...

Unfortunately, there is no such super power. Being invisible, I mean, it's impossible right? Impossible n'est pas anglais ! In this country only, you have the possibility to try this quite impressive gift. "But how ?", I can hear you asking eagerly.

Well, the best place to try this out is a nice English wedding. This will meet all the conditions to create an invisibilitic field (it's like a magnetic field, only much more elaborated).

So here you are, with your glass of fizzy wine standing right next to the person you came with and probably even talking to him when suddenly someone you don't know comes toward you. And "BLAF", you become invisible! It will happen so quickly you won't even notice it.

That's why you'll probably try to make eye contact and smile to this Monsieur who is talking to your friend. That is a common beginner mistake. Please don't, it's useless. Sooner than later you'll realise that you can pull all the faces you want, blow your nose or even write your grandmother a postcard. He can't see you !

But be aware that this super power will end as soon as you have been introduced to this character. That still gives you a good 20 minutes of invisibility. Not too bad, hé?


  1. Yes, it's like being part of HEROES. Only I don't get paid ;o)

  2. This super power is also working in Québec.....!! I've tried it !!

  3. It must be a commonwealth thing. Does quebecois people have long teeth?