Tuesday, 23 November 2010


"England may lack sprouts for Christmas" the Guardian says. Oh no please, not another crisis, we have had enough. Hang on a minute. Sprouts for Christmas... Sprouts for Christmas?!

Sprouts are mini round green cauliflowers that come from Brussels. In France, they are usually served in schools cantines when the cook is in a really bad mood. On this scale, hairy cow tongue and spinach with cream & boiled eggs come respectively second and third.

Yet in the country of baked beans and bubble and squeak*, sprouts get a very special place. They are considered, with sausages wrapped in bacon, as a Christmas delicacy!

Why? The mystery remains. Not only does this vegetable taste weird but it also has a name that says everything. I heard that some English words are based on onomatopœias. Well, well done on that one. Sprout sounds like it sounds and promises merry Christmas days.

*This not the name of a new washing powder but a real dish

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