Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Up and down relationship

I might miss Australia more than I thought. Or, maybe I'm just regressing and about to buy a 'Tigger' style outfit. Cause, yesterday evening I have been bouncing, again and again. And it could have been my new passion in life.

Trampolining, me and the Rubber band net, for the better. But in every relationship there is the "worse" part. You know, the one that generally begins with a "But...".

I am not saying I didn't enjoy the light feeling of bouncing around in my matching socks. It's quite fun. You can grab your knees, touch you toes. All while you're up in the air, for sure. You can also land on your back and bounce back on your feet. And it's just the real (French) beginner stuff.

But. But, then you look at the (English) beginners brushing the ceiling and looping their heart out. And you wonder. Where does that come from? And a kind person tells you the blunt truth: "We, English people, as a nation, we all have to learn how to bounce at primary school".

And on she goes. Telling you how scary and dangerous it is, cause there were no mats at this time and all the children had to focus on the (very) young and innocent jumper and try to catch him when the edge became too attractive. "And of course, there were accidents and broken arms each year. Well, it's hard to focus on a bouncing person".

It looks like a tribal rite of passage to me.

That's why my commitment in this discipline won't go further than supporting the trampoline French team during the 2012 London Olympics or lying in the sun on one of this evil but comfy machine. Tout cela restant entre nous. If French schools had a trampoline instead of two pairs of boring parallel and uneven bars, surely I'd be one of them.

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