Saturday, 12 June 2010

And yes, the food is good

Have you ever seen the look of disgust in a french person eyes when you say : "I'm moving to england"? First, you might think it's because you leave Charming Paris for the Perfide Albion, which is almost like betraying the Republic, parents included.

But very soon you realise that all this is linked to food. Frenchs favorite thing in life after wine and way ahead before sex... Yeah, I know there are easier life.

Anyway, food. Yeah. Apparently the majority of french people who have chosen English as a second language in 6e (secondary school first stage, I think) have been traumatised during a school exchange. Gott sei dank, I've chosen German.

Some suffered privation as instead their nutella on Baguette they had cassoulet (baked beans) for breakfast. The others suffered starvation because in their lunchbox they could only find a triangle shaped sandwich filled with brown sauce and a green leaf. Next to it, a tiny pack of salt and vinegar crips. They couldn't dare to bite in the first one as it had no smell and they were to frightened to open the little bag and figure out what a crip could be

Today, the first ones love baked beans but think it is the only thing worth eating in England. The second half will never, never come back again. That's actually good news cause there is enough french people here at the moment. Point trop n'en faut

So I guess, I have my part to play in the english food rehab'. Cause so far, I had (almost) no food traumatism. And I ate some really, really delicious food in england (and no, it wasn't indian or thai). I know you don't believe me. I'll tell you more later.


  1. Hey Carrie B. You are a very nice frenglish writer! I love it! And I also love fish and chips!

  2. But Pop tarts...

  3. Oooh Carrie Bradin, what a chouette time reading you ! Hope Barcelona was as cool as usual and that you'll be ready for the fête des pompiers. If you could bring your very nice eiffel tower earring, it will be soooo delicious.

  4. That is the best idea EVER ! Thank you Cml ;o)