Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Broke as a Joke

Like every country, England has its bad habits. Gambling is one of them. Some families, here, even had connections with the ancient East End gangsters before betting was allowed.

It looks like you can take a punt on whatever you want in the Kingdom, from the date of birth of a child to... the last breath of an old uncle. Well maybe the latter isn't true. But, frankly, you never know.

Obviously the most popular bets are made on the good old horses and the chasing after-plastic-rabbits-greyhounds. Footballers are quite popular livestock to place your money on too.

In these days of uncertainty bookmakers, like Ladbrokes, are well in demand. And I have to say, I don't understand why. I mean the name of the place gives a hint about the result of any transaction: Lad (man, guy, person that often has male characteristics) + broke* (skint, penniless, in dire straits, greek) = loss of a third of the income of the family. I am sure there are better investments.

*let's not focus on the "s"

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