Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Oh when the saints

March for the Alternative - 26th of March - London

On the 26th of March, up to half a million people gathered in London and answered the call of the TUC. To make it short, the Trade Union Congress represents 58 affiliated unions or, in other words, 6.2 million working people. This time, the TUC reached far beyond the usual crowd of unionists. For many of the marchers, this demonstration was their first. They felt the urge to say no. No to cuts that are going to change the face of the country they live in. 

It even looked like some of them had a bit of a training in France, this nation internationally recognised for it's demonstrations and strikes skills. Or, at least one person had: 'You Frenchies are so used to this. You go down the streets everyday, fighting for your rights. One day, I was in Paris and I joined a march. I didn't even know what it was for, but I was pretty sure it was for a right thing'. Hum that's odd. I didn't want to disappoint this first timer, so I told him my name was Marianne and put on my red phrygian cap. At least, now, he knew what he was marching for. I mean against.

Don't get me wrong. I know, this is serious. No laughing matter. So what? You didn't think we, French people, would watch competition, er... sorry, demonstrations blooming in other parts of Europe* without saying a word, did you? I had to report to the competent authorities about how people take the streets in the UK. 

1. With big signs. Good. There no such a thing as a demonstration without signs. And, yes, of course, they are good at it. This all cool anglo-saxon thing, you know.
March for the Alternative - 26th of March - London
2. They come up with the usual free tibet flags. A demonstration wouldn't be complete without one of them. Don't you think?
March for the Alternative - 26th of March - London
3. They too, know how to create iconic moments using statues. I heard the guy holding the red flag couldn't move his arms for two days after that. That's what's called a sacrifice for the Cause.
March for the Alternative - 26th of March - London
4. They march to the sound of Marching bands. Do we have marching bands?
March for the Alternative - 26th of March - London
5. They have policemen protecting Topshop from the demonstrators.  
We don't have them in France, well we don't have Topshop either. That's a good point.
6. They lack of pratical spirit, l'esprit pratique, you see.
Why would you burn essentially banners and plastic bottles 
as you can use a good old bonfire to barbecue delicious Merguez?
  * And, yes, the UK is a European country. Sorry a Kingdom actually. But still. 

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