Monday, 21 March 2011

Woody Hoody

English forests are quite impressive. Even in the smallest one, it feels like you are going to catch Friar Tuck looking for medicinal mushrooms and the old trees trunks are big enough to hide all of the Merry Men at the same time.

Sooner than later you start to wonder if you are going to hear the whistle of an arrow and finally get robbed by this famous Robin who lives in the Woods. It might be a good time to hide your purse under a moss covered stone.

But, thinking twice, you realise that here, in England, the so called Lord of the Forest answers to the name of Robin Hood. Hood. Like in Little Red Riding Hood*. Add to that a pair of green tights, and the result is a total loss of credibility. If I were him, I would surely stay in my tree trunk singing old ballads. So keep your purse in your pocket there is nothing to fear from the Hoody "WoodPicker".

*Le Petit Chaperon Rouge


  1. mmm... is it me or is it absolutely NOT about tea ? Did censorship come to your mind ?
    beautiful post anyway.
    sincerely yours, Belle Marianne.

  2. Dear Belle Marianne, this is indeed not about tea. Be patient. It's brewing.