Friday, 13 August 2010

Once upon a time

We are not getting any younger. Everyone knows that, no need to say it out loud or sur tous les toits. Some may have a few white patches in their hair and the matching wrinkles. Others look fairly untouched as if they had been blessed by three little flying fairies with pointy hats, back in the 70's*. Obviously, we all fit into the second group.

We may still be young, free and feel alright but the truth can't be denied. The "What? Am I that old?" has a peak season and it usually runs from may to september. During these months, among the usual bills you'll find pastel envelopes announcing either the birth of a baby or the marriage of a couple.

Yes, this is a common thing, everywhere in the world, France, China... and obviously in England too.
Here we go. The time has come for the english wedding experience. Hugh Grant go to hell, I am the new wedding marathon runner. Alright, put the coconut down now. I am not an expert but still, there is a few thing I've noticed about weddings in England.

They mostly take place in a castle or a medieval farm in the country side. Some couples get married in a church, some under a tree. The sun shines, yes, the sun shines. The bride looks like a princess. Your high heels magicaly don't sink in the grass. The word "lovely" is said 1001 times.

The attendees laugh at the bestman speech. The bridesmaids don't get to speak but look lovely, again. And that means a lot. Your strapless dress doesn't fall on your knees. Your boyfriend is a groommaid and looks lovely, again, in his morning suit. Champagne.

This all looks very fairytale like. Even timing speaking. Every english wedding I have been to finished at midnight. Not one minute before, not one minute after. Which makes me wonder... Does the Groom really turn back into a pumpkin afer midnight?

*Sorry, not one fairy made it to the 80's.

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